On May 6, 2023, the New Design and New Chongqing Product Innovation Forum was held at the Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center. The forum was hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission and the People’s Government of Banan District and organized by the Chongqing Consumer Goods Industry Innovation Design & Research Institute.

This forum was organized with the theme of “New Creativity, New Consumption, New Chongqing Products, and New Future”. The White Paper on Chinese Snack Industry was released on this forum. Experts from the consumer goods and digital design industry, think tanks, and industry leaders were invited to discuss how innovation could empower consumption and the innovation of Chongqing products. Their discussion provides new ideas for the development of Chongqing’s consumer goods industry.

Luo Li, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission, mentioned that innovation could broaden the consumer goods industry with products of rich varieties, high quality, and competitive brands.

At the forum, Chongqing Consumer Goods Industrial Innovation Design & Research Institute and Alibaba Design Innovation Center released the “White Paper on the Chinese Snack Industry”. As consumption becomes one of the main driving forces of China’s economic growth, the Chinese food industry will also face new challenges and opportunities. This white paper not only gives an authentic overview and analysis of the development of the Chinese snack industry but also interprets the prototype of consumer behavior and predicts the trend of the Chinese snack industry. The white paper provides innovative ideas for the development of the snack industry and gives guidance for business operations and empowers the consumer goods industry.

Ou Shuang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Industrial Culture Development Center of the MIIT and the Industrial Design Empowering SME Alliance, Jin Le, Director of Alibaba’s Product Design Incubation Center, Director Yue, Founder of Weiyi Media, and Zhang Lu, CEO of Chongqing Tea Group gave speeches and shared cases on Industrial Design Empowers SME Alliance, Digital Design Empowers Effective Growth of New Brands, New Media Helps Build Consumer Brands, Exploring New Paths for Brand Construction: Integration of Tea and Tourism, etc. In the subsequent roundtable discussion, the experts also shared cases about the marketing environment, emerging consumer products, and trendy brands with the empowerment of consumer product industrial design as the center.

the roundtable discussion

The consumer goods industry is an important pillar industry in Chongqing. In 2022, Chongqing has achieved an output value of nearly 400 billion yuan in the three sectors of food, light industry, and textile and clothing. This year, the city has also held multiple competitions, expos, and summits concerning the innovation of consumer goods, food especially, which shows the city’s endeavor to empower the consumer goods sector with industrial design.

Chongqing’s consumer goods industry will keep focusing on R&D, innovative design, production and manufacturing, and public services. The industry will also enhance resource-sharing, platform-building, and industrial collaboration to improve the quality of the industry supply system of Chongqing’s consumer goods and promote high-quality development of the entire industry.

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